Great Feedback for Optical CET 2016!

Would you attend an Optical CET event next year Yes 96% No 4%

“It’s a great way of gaining points in one go. Also a good day to talk to colleagues. The course is very well run and keeps to time”

“Varied range of topics. Dynamic speakers with interaction.┬áIP competencies covered well.”

“Very interesting, relevant and varied program, seating arrangements made it easier to mingle and get involved and get chatting to colleagues throughout the day”

“Relaxed, excellent day, refreshed on lots. Learned new things as always.”

“The speakers were excellent – knowledgeable but approachable. The pacing was good and it did not feel like 9 hours. The peer discussion points were a very welcome bonus.”
“Local, convenient, relatively low cost, good speakers. The food was also good.”
“Good friendly atmosphere, easy environment to learn and interactive points available.”
“Discussions were very helpful. Most lectures were fascinating,┬árelevant, engaging & a bit of fun thrown in there!!”
“Subject matter. Intense programme but relaxed at the same time especially liked the hands on Workshops”
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